Monday, March 16, 2009


our favorite artist collective in the world, valerie (who else would it be?), is back again to bring some love, light and color into our grey cold lives (or is that just me?). this time it's the gang leader college alongside electric youth on the vocals for the wonderful 'she never came back'.

college - she never came back (video) on vimeo

watch the beautiful video directed by frantz lasorne and nicolas guyon above and enjoy the remixes by the outrunners and russ chimes right here - another all-new discodust first by uk's finest. once again, valerie made my day. seriously, i wouldn't know what to do without you guys!

college - she never came back (russ chimes remix)
college - she never came back (the outrunners remix)

head over to college's myspace to show him some love and get your copy of his album 'secret diary', also available as vhs collector limited edition with stunning artwork by the zonders.


Unknown said...

beautiful video!!

Anonymous said...

this made my week!

thanks DiscoDust


Anonymous said...

wow, great and classy arpeggiated posts!
you´re in a sad mood, aleks?

aleks said...

better again, thanks!

Harrison said...

the song is solid, not feelin the video though

Anonymous said...

A bit surprised by the video, I don't really get the point of it...

Anyways, the music is great!

Anonymous said...

Probably my favourite song from the album, and I like the video up to the bit where we see the dodgy Ferrari in some random French suburb.

Anonymous said...

sick track as usual for not so much.

Anonymous said...

For me this tune is amazing :) I love it of course !

Watcho said...
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Watcho said...

Russ Chimes mixed that song nicely, enjoyed the build.

seandonson said...

I dig the song but when it does that sixpence none the richer/the la's "there she goes" thing... i kinda cringe.

Irving Jr. said...

Nice Mixes.
The Song is so much the 80`s..

Unknown said...

Whoaaa i'm stuck at SXSW and missed this one. New Russ Chimes?! For serious?! Dude is releasing a tune per week and they're ALL fiiiire.

Anonymous said...

This and fantasy park are the best songs on that album.

alecherdz said...

wow i loved the video andthe remixes you posted here

but i'd like to know where can get the version on the video!!!

any clue?
please let me know!

dan said...

I love the picture.

Anonymous said...

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TN87 said...

Video could've been better, or at least have a girl with big 80's hair, and 80's clothes lol...only thing 80's about this chick is her sunglasses...LOVE the song.