Wednesday, March 04, 2009


as you might have noticed, fantastadon has been really busy doing things with discodust homies hot pink dolerean. although there's still more of that coming soon he didn't miss his chance to send us a bit of his own current work.

the first track is a remix of hollywood holt's 'hollywood' that's been getting quite some airplay on mtv recently. fantastadon keeps on delivering party flavour!

hollywood holt - hollywood (fantastadon's extended mix)

next up is a new original track that's been getting quite some airplay by myself on his myspace player. it's rougher than the hollywood holt remix, reminding you of fantastadon's ability to produce some rounded up massiveness.

fantastadon - fantastadonculous

keep an eye out for tons of new stuff surfacing in the next weeks, including a nice little promo mix. and in the meantime, don't forget to show fantastadon your myspace love!


Unknown said...

I can dig it, boston in the place! The Swagger Jackers need to get some stuff posted here eventually!

ryan said...

I like the last one, hip stuff