Wednesday, March 04, 2009

jak-z + scott cooper.

jengaa is a new label dedicated to jacking house, brought to life by liam vizzle, scott cooper and jak-z. the very first release is of course from the label owners themselves, is called 'move ya', sports a sample that everyone knows and comes complete with remixes from hijack and tom eq.

jak-z & scott cooper - move ya (original)
jak-z & scott cooper - move ya (hijack remix)
jak-z & scott cooper - move ya (tom eq remix)

watch out for more from the jengaa massive!


Unknown said...

this was real nice clean kick in the pants. the "tom eq" is a must for the party dance floor. time to get crunk.

Beekterr said...

the tom eq remix is honestly one of my favorite dance songs out there. fuckking greeatnesss