Friday, March 20, 2009


when people hear valerie, they tend to think of college and anoraak right away, followed by russ chimes, the outrunners and of course minitel rose. but hardly anyone remembers maethelvin, although he dropped a whole lot of based tunes last year.

tonight we're going to change this. after laying low for a while, maethelvin returns with an all-new track, definitely my favorite work from him. he abandoned his trademark kavinsky-esque fm synthesizer sound and hits us with a dreamy french house track bringing back the memories of kris menace and lifelike when i first found out about them 'back in the days'. definitely being one of my favorite tracks of the year so far, the name suits it well: 'delight'. enjoy another discodust first!

maethelvin - delight (demo)

i am sure there is lots more to come from maethelvin now that he has found his new sound and i'll definitely try my best and keep you posted. add him on myspace and let him know how good this is!


Opiate said...

You guys are on fire with the posts recently. Loving the music.

Anonymous said...

great music in your blog. i hope we can be a friend.

Unknown said...

YES!!! NEW MAETHELVIN. Loooove his work, especially Dragster :) This one doesn't disappoint!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've heard some good Maethelvin before, but WOW!!!

The kids from Valerie just keep rockin it out. Much love.

Anonymous said...

Compared to other more similar talents, Maethelvin doesn't do it for me. That track has a very generic taste to it. That whole disco 80s sound is becoming a tad repetitive and i hope they don't get stuck on it! I really want to see it continue to evolve. Also maethelvin is a horrible name! sorry to be so negative but sometimes it's needed.

aleks said...

is it needed? i don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is an awefull name ...

but it's sadly a litle right, I'm not blaming the Valerie crew because they do the right thing and they are realy into the 80's sound, they respect that.
But all the copycat, sampled/cracked/track with bad sound made with ableton and in a such cold way are pissing me off, I'm tired of that dusty sound!!!

thanks discodust to know where they are and to do not even post them !!!!

Anonymous said...

omg! this is looovely. I really like his new direction.

maethelvin is a talented dude.

Anonymous said...

This one begs for vocals...

Anonymous said...

RoXx !

Anonymous said...

Wow same exact chord progression as 1984's Cyber People by Void Vision.

Anonymous said...

good ear steven.

Anonymous said...

"That whole disco 80s sound is becoming a tad repetitive and i hope they don't get stuck on it!"


youre really not in the right place to talk about that? who cares about evolution in this kind of genres? it havent been moving forward for a very long time, everyone uses the same influences.

Anonymous said...

yo aleks i've noticed something about you from the comments you leave on your own posts....youre a condescending prick. if someone wants to voice their opinion about a song and give it constructive criticism, who the fuck are you to respond with arrogant, sometimes sarcastic responses, totally putting them down? get off your high-horse and learn that other people are entitled to their opinions and not just yourself. i like your blog, but i don't respect all.

aleks said...

anonymous: there's nothing wrong with constructive criticism, as you can see when you check the comments for this post.

what i don't like and either delete or 'put down' is when people just leave random 'lol h8 thiz, i want more disco/more bangerz/more whatever' bullshit. that doesn't help anybody. it's a waste of time. for all of us.

and if you like the blog, that's good enough for me - as i am not after respect from random guys out there.

fractalyourself said...

That's funny because I've just noticed another thing on Discodust.

We allways are witness of fightings and hater comments on the several best post here.
never on the less popular ones.

that's funny, and that's why I love come back on this blog quite everydays, aside for the great music.

Maybe Aleks should create a forum with topics like "who's hating me" or "who wants to take my place".

So the real music geek and the passioned will be relieved of that poison.

when I don't like somethings, I keep it to myself, that's nasty for the posted artists, and in 99% never objective.

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