Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the hundred in the hands.

the hundred in the hands are a brooklyn-based post-punk boy-girl-band who proved to have excellent taste by hitting up disco editor in chief jacques renault for a remix. he turns their original 'dressed in dresden' into an all stripped-down laidback plastic dream of an early morning dancefloor brightener. even more than that, internal research papers from the secret discodust laboratories reveal that 'undressed in dresden' is also an awesome song to ease the pain of sunday noon hangovers.

the hundred in the hands - undressed in dresden (jacques renault remix)

and for a highlight in your boring uk indie rock sets, here is the original as well!

the hundred in the hands - dressed in dresden

full disclosure: this has been out in the wild for quite some time but i just found it on the weekend, can't even remember where but hey, it's finally here, about time!


Jack Cullen said...

i love the songs, but isn't dresden a bit holocaust?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"dresden isn't a bit holocaust" - dresden is just a (quite cool) mid-sized city in germany.

greetings from there,