Wednesday, April 22, 2009

momma's boy (mikix the cat).

here comes the new kid on the block. momma's boy also known as mikix the cat (pronounced my-kicks) is one of the newest additions to the brooklyn-based heavy bass clan trouble and bass. you know it takes some big bass to be welcomed into the family with drop the lime and ac slater.

well, i'm presuming that mikix has birthed an alter ego as an outlet for some of his other more parisian-styled productions. he has an upcoming remix for douster coming out on my favorite up and coming label of the moment, sound pellegrino (institubes sub-label headed up by teki latex and dj orgasmic). can you think of any other institubes related producer that so suavely pulled this off? his name is escaping me at the moment. i think his name rhymes with 'purses' or 'murses'. ah, oh well.

expect big things from mikix in the future. he's yet another producer whose tracks are in limbo awaiting the final say from a few labels as to their destiny. his "movin' around" ep is out now on trouble and bass and you can sneak peek below. you can also hear what momma's boy is up to on his mixtape below as he's injected a few original tracks into it.

mikix the cat - movin' around
douster - for weirdos only (momma's boy remix)
mendel - beatburger (mikix the cat mac honey remix)

momma's boy - momma's soul food mix (via megaupload)

tracklist after the jump!


momma's boy – loco bongo
butch - amelie (format b remix)
worthy & yankee zulu – concomba
momma's boy – maldito niño
dario nunez, hector rodriguez, zafra negra - no puedo seguir (sufriendo por ella)
gregor salto - mexer feat. thais (funkin matt 3am remix)
christian martin - elephant fight (justin martins jungle remix)
blacktron - between us
ruben alvarez, rober gaez - the rhythm of life (david penn remix)
ilario alicante - living near africa
the advent, industrialyzer - terra nosa
kobbe, kevin brown, mar-c - voodoo doctor
kolombo - swing low low swing


MollyMay said...

Oh no! Whats up with the mix?! :(

aleks said...

molly: it's up on megaupload, dear. so no right-click-save-as for this one but left click! click click! should work fine!

MollyMay said...

oh duh!..someone doesnt read things properly..haha

aleks said...

actually i just added the 'via megaupload' bit there after your comment. you got me! :)

Jonathan said...

ohh that was shot @ Rafiot ?

Unknown said...

zshare link...

Harrison said...

goddamn this Mendel edit is gnarly