Thursday, May 14, 2009

alex metric.

alex metric has been inflating his musical balloon for the last year between producing freeland's album, developing a live show, and finishing his own lp. well, the balloon is ready to burst with pop music all over.

his songs sound like they are practically begging to be performed live and couldn't come at a better time with the recent onslaught of the dj/producer. so with red keytar in hand, he's ready to sing his way into our ears and hearts. awwwwww!

alex metric - head straight (radio edit)

stay tuned for 'the head straight' ep by alex metric, dropping on marine parade, may 25th.


Anonymous said...

I think I've played Alex's remix of Under Control just about every weekend. It's almost like the theme song to Urban Fabric.


Jon Mitchell said...

This track is why I continue to check discodust. I'm not really into heavy electronica, but this brand of Alex Metric is just up my alley. Thanks Discodust for introducing me to another fine artist!

Flashmen said...

I've heard a bunch of Alex Metric tracks in the past but this is the first one that I really got excited about. Has a great little laid back dance rock vibe without a serious groove... something I've been missing lately in new productions!

Logichead said...

Fresh! Chemical Brothers-esque

Anonymous said...

"This track is why I continue to check discodust"
absolutely! this one is nice & smooth, gonna put it in repeat all day long

FAMOUS said...

I remember when he was just "metric". He's grown quite a lot. I used to buy his vinyl. I'm old!