Monday, May 18, 2009

the faint + hot pink delorean.

here is the next treat from discodust fellows hot pink delorean who once again teamed up with their friend knowlton walsh for this absolutely crazy remix of the faint. and by crazy i mean crazy - but in all sorts of positive ways! it starts off so smooth, first making you think they are going for new domains, and then turns into this unforeseen yet proper styled hot pink delorean plus your favourite extras (james brown really is in a good mood these days). i suspect you are gonna be surprised, so check it out!

the faint - get seduced (hot pink delorean & knowlton walsh remix)

in case anyone of you has not shown them any myspace love despite the many features here i will once more nudge you towards hot pink delorean's and knowlton walsh's myspaces. hot pink delorean are also on north american tour until september which is when they will be heading to europe. and they are still up for bookings too, so hit up (north america) or (europe) if you're interested!


Harrison said...

well i'ma sucker for all things hpd

Anonymous said...

I hate you.

adietron said...

FIRE. Two of my faves done up right for much ass shaking.

Unknown said...

I love you.