Monday, May 18, 2009


priors are french house legends raw man (who is member of the buffalo bunch, owner of we rock music and released on crydamoure) on the production and yann destal of modjo fame contributing the vocals.

so either someone's playing tricks on me or raw man has got some serious love for discodust because i just had their track 'what you need' in the mail which is super-lovely flawless french house by the book and seems to be unreleased so far, forthcoming on eye industries.

just in case this track seems familiar to you, a radio edit has shown up on a few blogs back in october but 'our' version is over six minutes and has a nice long breakdown with wonderful chords. so, with 'uk funky' bringing back the more funky and percussion-laden side of house, what about bringing 'real french house' (as in 'no punching drums' or distortion but dreamy to the fullest with lush melodies) back this summer as well? priors are showing you how.

priors - what you need

this track is just the beginning for priors, the uk single release is coming soon and an album is in the works. show priors some love on myspace while i'll try and get us some more of that french house goodness!


Bastille said...


hercules said...

i want more funk!!!

brian okarski said...

haha YESS!! i've been on these dudes since sept. one of the best collabs to date. to alllllll the people i looove!

Unknown said...

Are you sure this track is unreleased? In Italy was one on the best song of summer 2008......of course is still a fantastic song!!!!!!

aleks said...

Stefano: no, not entirely sure.

mayo! said...

If it's already released somewhere, do you know where i could buy this song?

anyway stefano is right.. it was one of the most played songs in italy last year... love it, love it, love it!

Too Many Sebastians said...

An older version is on a compilation thingy-be-bob in Italy.

It's been significantly touched up since then.

I believe it's out "soon".

aleks said...

good research there!

Too Many Sebastians said...

I'm not all evil ;-).

Actually took up some of the advice you gave me on the Alkan boards. :-)