Wednesday, May 27, 2009


discodust favorites sharkslayer are seriously going right through the roof just now, skyrocketing remix after remix alongside fresh original tracks. tonight we've got their remix for renaissance man's 'spraycan', an edit of the nadastrom remix for 'trouble is a friend' by lenka and their latest original named 'skanking' for you. don't miss out on this serious triple threat for the floors!

renaissance man - spraycan (sharkslayer's respect to nassau mix)
lenka & nadastrom - trouble is a friend (sharkslayer's nassau edit)
sharkslayer - skanking riddim

as if that wouldn't be enough, check out this video for sharkslayer's next upcoming jam called 'critters'. top billin crew's on fire!

sharkslayer - critters (on vimeo)

sharkslayer should be your friends on myspace, as they are definitely among the top of my list of the hottest production teams this year!


Anonymous said...

Ableton Warp Files now posted @

Harrison said...

unimpressive video, but it is funny. i was expecting more from the track, sharkslayer wise, very uninspired

Kim said...

Finally some sharkslayer!

Andy Carmichael said...

Sorry, "SHARKSLAYER - CRITTERS" was deleted at 4:17:39 Thu Jun 4, 2009. We have no more information about it on our mainframe or elsewhere.

Anonymous said...