Thursday, May 21, 2009

sneaky sound system + thin white duke.

miss connie, black angus and mc double d are back in the house, yo! you might know them better as sneaky sound system and if you didn't know yet, they had the longest chart run in history, their debut album made double platinum and at times they had four singles in the top forty, accompanied by tours with scissor sisters, jamiroquai and robbie williams - in their home country australia, mind you.

in order to conquer the entire world, sneaky sound system are currently preparing an album for world release, featuring the very best of their two albums and are invading the united states starting june 17th. the powers that be destined super producer stuart price to take their song "it's not my problem" for a spin and out came one of his best remixes in ages, if i may say so. or maybe i am confusing the thin white duke with fred falke right here, just because this remix sounds like fred falke at his best? or maybe i am just drunk and want some love. who doesn't?

sneaky sound system - it's not my problem (thin white duke remix)

note that this track is in 320 kbps, as opposed to the file floating around earlier. i have gone through quite a few mails with the lovely agency people responsible for promoting this to get 'us' the high quality version and you know i've got hard days at work anyway, so all of you'd better show me some love for my tireless commitment which only serves one purpose: please you thousands of readers out there! next drink is definitely on you! cheers!

EDIT: this is like the 10th post i had to re-post because of dmca bullshit within two weeks. can you guys please get a fucking clue?


S.K. said...

I had to repost this remix too. Sneaky Sound System's record label (Whack Recordings) has assured me that the remix is safe for sharing and they have not sent any takedown notices.

The ridiculous fact is, the takedown notices were sent by IFPI. It's another case of IFPI policing copyrighted works that might be distributed by but are not owned by their member labels.

Anonymous said...

fred falke? nah, almost sounds like gabriel and dresden. damn good though.

Nicholas Troia said...

awesome track. i love TWD.. thanks for this.