Monday, May 25, 2009

this/is + paradiso girls.

our australian friends this/is made quite some progress ever since we posted their very well received debut track 'what happiness sounds like' back then late last year. obviously interscope has found out about them and had them do official remixes for 'chillin' by wale and lady gaga as well as 'patron tequila' by new girl band sensation paradiso girls featuring lil jon and eve.

and see what we have got right here: this/is turning 'patron tequila' into a dancefloor stormer along the lines of early mstrkrft or designer drugs while maintaining their own signature sound! grab it now!

paradiso girls featuring lil jon & eve - patron tequila (this/is remix)

watch out for more from this/is around here soon!


Anonymous said...

i like THIS/is a lot they kinda have this light up lifting sound to them. But i don't think any remix of this song would be very good. Positive is though that THIS/is make what is a bad song in my opinion, listenable.

niqqy said...

i ran into THIS/IS at findvoltorb & at first did not want to listen to it bec the name seemed funny/odd. but since they were from australia which can do no wrong in terms of electro music, i listened & was blown away. Dont want to be carrried away by just 2 songs as YouthAttack! has not proven to be more successful in producing more trax than their focker&shutup & let me go remixes.

havent heard this song & so cant disagree w/ anonymous & reason for caution in earlier paragraph.

Lastly, a realy thank you to Alex & discodust for introducing+promoting REDIAL & REVOLTE as they are simply phenom. Also Tom Deluxx Guns&Bomb/ Yuksek/ le castlevania/computer club are other notable mentions. thx a lot.

would suggest the following for introduction to its fans:
1) trumpdisco
2) dilemn
3) the deficient aka nickY
4) whitenoise remix of bag raiders fun punch is awesome.

PS: REDIAL kills Kavinsky who is a hack recycling 80s electro funk.

Evan Harris said...

yo niqqy your taste is spot on. good looks. THIS/Is that next level ish!