Monday, June 15, 2009

memory tapes.

memory cassette plus weird tapes equals memory tapes. easy as that. a debut album is in the works, dropping in september on one of our favorite labels around, acephale and the first single 'bicycle' is fucking insane, featuring everything we love, from hang drums to cowbells, deep synth basslines to bass guitars, haunting chants to desperate screams, piano chords to guitar riffs. what a catch! definitely one of my favorite tracks so far this year!

memory tapes - bicycle

and if you feel like further expanding your trip and are up for some stoned hippie kids meeting caribbean islanders with a rockstar degree in both wavves surfing and sound production utilizing antiquated instruments, don't miss out on friend's version of 'last one awake' by memory cassette. (this masterpiece made the rounds on the blogs while i was hiding away from the cold world of anonymous muppets.)

memory cassette - last one awake (friend version)

save some of your money in order to make acephale rich by the time the memory tapes album drops!