Tuesday, September 29, 2009

raw man + blanche.

a few months ago, we already announced the return of french house legend raw man and his new priors track and it seems as if he is seriously back with full force now, his latest project being raw man + blanche. blanche is the french producer's girlfriend who is an author, journalist and tv director. the two eventually decided to work together in music, just like every other aspect of their lives, and already finished more than a dozen tracks.

'united (join together)' is the first single of the two lovers and is actually quite a banger, definitely drawing some inspiration from the works of justice and mstrkrft when they were at their peaks and pairing the roughness with carefully crafted string arrangements, light-hearted vocals and raw man's signature french touch.

while i have to admit i really needed a break from the overdosed world of distorted bangers, enough time has passed now and this track brings back good feelings and memories from some of the best parties i've ever had. so stop denying your own past and for a change, just fucking enjoy this great tune, another premiere on discodust!

raw man + blanche - united (club mix)
raw man + blanche - united (instrumental mix)

already supported by aeroplane, alex metric and rob da bank, the full release is dropping end of october on raw man's very own we rock music along with remixes by one exciting big name yet unannounced as well as cryptonites, les petits pilous and more.


tobias dödselectro said...

Let's hope the unannounced name is Edwin van Cleef, cause his remix is sick as well.

jiss maracas said...

rawman on the bloody beetroots track yeyo is amazing. best album ever.

discotune said...


Unknown said...

thx, Nice mix, I enjoy this instrumental so much.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus! What a track.