Friday, September 25, 2009


i can't quite pinpoint when or where i first came across solo, but his music has kind of consumed my ears ever since. looking at his list of releases, he's far from new to the scene. reading like a grocery list of 'who's who' in music today, he's released tracks on everyone from defected to dirtybird to my #1 new label to look out for, sound pellegrino.

solo - afreaka
solo - joga bola
dj gregory & gregor salto - con alegria (solo more cowbell remix)

solo - midget mix september 2009 (on sharebee)

you better appreciate the music while it's still free. judging by the lineup of remixes he has pending (crookers, depeche mode, wiley), his own sound pellegrino ep and the quality of stuff he's been churning out, the free solo stuff might be put on the endangered species list.


Larvi said...

Joga Bola = Greatness

Anonymous said...

Here'd his SOLO-Midget_Mix_sept09 mix..

I haven't had a mix on repeat like this in over a year. He has some serious skills.

dr.doom said...

so true about the freeness thing. although punks will always find a way to deprive talented producers of their money. unfortunatley. we'll be left with no scene and it's coming if we're not careful.