Thursday, September 03, 2009

zero 7 + noob.

up until now, i've only known noob to collaborate with the likes of progressive tastemakers like brodinski, popof and tiga. well, how kind of him to throw us an amazing curveball out of left field. he somehow got commissioned to remix a zero 7 track that comes at you like a fire truck ready to flatten you on the dancefloor. normally, you can hear the siren of a fire truck blocks away to give you fair warning to react. this track is a bit merciless and leaves you with nothing but a bloody pulp and a pulse beating at 128 bpms.

zero 7 - medicine man (noob remix)

look for the original and other remixes by baby monster, trackademicks and cooly g out on atlantic records on september 21st.


cjbxz said...

toats, i'm holding you responsible for repairing my laptop.

reading the title of this post caused me to pop such a raging boner that my laptop flew off my lap and straight into the air.

i'll accept paypal.

Miss Toats said...

hmmm i wonder where this odd pairing of a fetish came from.... sorriesss

Bluelines01 said...

Monster track... nice find, thanks for putting it up.

Harrison said...

always thankful for new noob tracks. producer of 2k9 imo, thx

sirvan said...

Is that man's work behind on him? Nice art but why he's seems so lonely?