Monday, October 12, 2009


another discodust favorite that we haven't heard from in a while just hit us up today as well and we are more than glad to see them back: jupiter! the duo from paris comes with a brandnew disco funk jam in their bag, a cover version of the classic r&b and disco track 'mama used to say' by junior. and i bet a whole lot of you readers will be rocking out to this at home, jumping around on their beds and playing air guitar! not? well, maybe it's just me then! you guys are boring! enjoy another premiere on discodust!

jupiter - mama used to say

also, as i missed out to announce the release of jupiter's first ep 'starlighter' last month, let's do this now. it's available on limited vinyl (click here for more info) and digitally (head over to junodownload). being a big fan of all his work, i immediately fell in love with the wonderful remix by steve moore and luckily was allowed to share it with you as well!

jupiter - starlighter (steve moore remix)

glad to see that another act we love and heavily supported on the blog has released their first record and is doing great. watch out for more sweet things to come from jupiter.


Anonymous said...

Jupiter is good, but i kind of don't like this cover , original blows me every time i play it, and i think something is missing in jupiter cover of it... lack of groove maybe..still worth listening.

Anonymous said...

Lack of groove ??? You must be joking !

Jacques said...

I have been waiting patiently for more Jupiter music to be posted. Their sound is so unbelievably dope. That is also an awesome photo. cool cats.

Anonymous said...

Yes lack of groove, i'm not joking it sounds messy..still worth listening anyway.

Anonymous said...


amazing track!!

free magic said...

this is great!

Anonymous said...

i´m usually one of these anonymous posters that are bored of some of the cheesy dance/pop tracks that accumulate in the last month but this time:
thank you aleks! i´m in love with your blog again ;)
this post plus the ali love one should please all fat-synth- and saw-waveform-lovers like me.
And it´s interesting that the word GROOVE seems to have subjectively different meanings from reader to reader. This cover left my buttcheeks butterflying on their own for hours!
More of that dope stuff

aleks said...

haha. glad to hear you actually LIKE something for a change then! :)

Anonymous said...

Well if you compare the original and the cover, i would stick with original... lack of groove doesn't have to be pointed as stab but a point... this is not an "i hate everything post" or "i hate jupiter post".. i like jupiter, but this cover is pointless because the original is so heavy that any cover comparing to it would be shallow..could be chromeo or whateva, but sounding like this i would think the same, so look at this as an constructive comment not as an attack to any of you..and one more thing, every person understands power of the groove on his own way, thats why someone has it and someone dont.
Best regards to ya all.

Pierre said...

I LOVE these guys!

Smiles all around

Anonymous said...

The remix is great. Steve Moore is one of those guys to whom you can hand some emotion and he is actually able to transform that into a very vivid thought of his own. well done. k

Too Many Sebastians said...

I am saddened at the fact nobody mentioned the Stargate produced Richard Blackwood version. Richard Blackwood is Junior's nephew.