Friday, October 09, 2009

private + lifelike.

i still can't believe private have been kept private from me all this time. the danish trio equals songwriter/singer/producer thomas troelsen, guitarist asger tarpgaard, and vocalist tanja simonsen.

'my secret lover' was released back in '07 off of universal denmark, and without delay climbed to the very peak of the danish charts. this jam may be a bit old, but to me, it's still rockin' like the flintstones. thomas subtley samples the stabs of "she can't love you" by chemise, to produce one of the catchiest sounding hooks i have honestly ever heard. my repeat button was made for this tune!

the previously unreleased lifelike remix seemed to be missing on the internet until i commissioned old man aleks to track it down. next thing i know, i have a full copy of it sitting in my inbox, cleared to share with you alls today. plugging in keyboards one at a time, lifelike flawlessly reshapes the listener-friendly original into a faster-paced dance floor must, in an oh-so dashingly french manner. the beat jogs to a syrupy bassline accompanied by the usual collection of his earmarked analog sounds.

private - my secret lover (lifelike remix)

watch out because this tune will hook you like tyson. you've been warned! make sure to show passionate love to private and lifelike for this great joint effort!

NOTE: all previous versions of this track floating around the interwebs have been set rips.


V said...

I remember when I first found this track on Private's blog, around a year ago. I couldn't decide if it was the cheesiest track ever, or brilliant, but fuck if it wasn't catchy as all hell.

I have no idea how and when it caught on in Chicago, but I can't go out lately without hearing this track played in the club. Hoping to hear THIS remix next go round.

VOULES said...

Thank you for this!

Anonymous said...

Great one! There is a lot of other private remixes on myspace, go explore!

data sapiens said...

Haha, I love the fact that you were bitching over that 'Fabric Of Win' track that we put out, which had a tiny glitch while this track has some severe channel dropping going on.

Anyways, great track! Thanks for a proper version - keep up the good work guys.

aleks said...

channel drops? investigating!

sam said...

it's weird how the trend goes from ultra-abrasive guns n bombs type of stuff back to music so cheesy you'd expect to hear it in a fancy polish club with popped collars galore.

thank you very much for this version, the intro kills it.

sam said...

btw thank you for kamei, data sapiens!!!

aleks said...

those channel drops were in the previous 'set rip' mp3 as well, so i'd say lifelike did that on purpose for some reason.

and i don't know why you consider pointing out glitches and getting a proper mp3 'bitching'. everyone's making mistakes. i make them all the time. then i try to fix them and move on.

data sapiens said...

Well, I guess mp3 bitching is good as it keeps up the quality of the music. It was more the paradoxical fact of you taking the liberty to 'bitch' about glitches when you're posting channel drops. I don't know if Lifelike would do that on purpose, but what does that matter anyways... it was nothing more than a friendly poke - as you say we all make mistakes and move on, so let's do that.