Thursday, February 18, 2010


japayork is a 22-year old musician and graphic designer currently based in london but previously residing between japan and new york (hence the name). i have been an instant fan of his catchy synth-pop productions ever since i first heard him and finally managed to get ahold of a track for posting, so about time you fall in love with him too - and i've got a feeling that won't be too difficult, especially for the ladies around! enjoy 'our now', available for download for the first time on discodust! and also watch the video, made by the man himself!

japayork - our now
japayork - our now (video on vimeo)

head over to the japayork myspace for more good tracks and also check out some of his artwork on


Anonymous said...

LOVE it! thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you cuz I've been looking for this track for days!
This blog rules supreme!

Unknown said...


echo. said...

Thank you Discodust!
Because of you I met this wonderful guy!