Thursday, April 01, 2010

lazaro casanova.

for those of you not familiar with lazaro casanova's label pet food, let me introduce you two. everyone, this is pet food; an exotic blend of minimal, techno and house with an infusion of cuban influences (much like its two founders, laz and jay-you). pet food, meet everyone.

i hope you two will be the best of friends and spend lots of quality time together at the gym, in your car, on your home speakers and in those late night clubs. i think you two have a lot in common. laz was kind enough to give us an ipod-warming gift to help break the ice.

lazaro casanova - the healer

keep up with the label releases on their twitter and catch previews of new music on their myspace and soundcloud.


gih said...

I like this guy. I've got one of his masterpiece.

Kinne said...

Amazing track!

Anonymous said...