Thursday, September 16, 2010

russ chimes.

after his most recent remixes for mark ronson and sunday girl, discodust favorite russ chimes is finally all set to drop his first original release, more particularly an ep named 'midnight club' featuring three all new originals. you can admire the cover artwork above or even better, watch all of the three videos directed by saman keshavarz (known for his sxsw award-winning video for 'luv deluxe' by cinnamon chasers).

pulling off one of the smartest music blog promotion stunts, all three videos combined result in a short movie and one video after another has been unveiled during the past weeks, leading to massive buzz all over the interwebs. so once again, unless you are living under a rock, this post might be rather pointless but being one of the world's greatest russ chimes fanboys in the world, i wanted them mentioned on here as well. deal with it!

russ chimes - midnight club ep (part 1: never look back) on vimeo
russ chimes - midnight club ep (part 2: tertre rouge) on vimeo
russ chimes - midnight club ep (part 3: targa) on vimeo

and even if you know the videos already, what you might not have heard yet is the brandnew remix russ chimes did for the upcoming single by kelis, called 'scream' (originally produced by david guetta).

the ep will drop end of october on eye industries. i can't wait!


bump909 said...

EP of the year? :)

Anonymous said...

The videos are crazy good!!!!!