Thursday, August 09, 2007


a few weeks ago, i first came across college on myspace and immediately fell in love with his beautiful dreamy french house compositions. then i found out about his blog valerie as well as his very talented friends anoraak and the outrunners who are already playlisted by living french house legend lifelike.

college has offered me his track 'teenage color' and as it took me so long to finally post it, his valerie partner in crime anoraak came round with a great remix in the meantime. in order to surprise the guys, i hit up my friend russ chimes, who was just recently featured on discodust, to make another remix and it turned out to be nothing but awesome and now the package is complete!

i am really proud to present another discodust exclusive release, wrapped up in a nice all-in-one package for you:

college - teenage color (all tracks with artwork)
college - teenage color (zshare backup link)

and in case you want the single tracks, here you go:

college - teenage color
college - teenage color (anoraak remix)
college - teenage color (russ chimes remix)

valerie are going to have a party in paris on september, 23rd at la flêche d'or club, check their blog for more details and watch out for a special on the outrunners here on discodust soon!


Luis said...

teenage cold is definitely one of the most beautiful songs ever posted here.

love at first listen. like dreamy lifelike, braxe tracks.

and russ chimes did a pretty good job.

Luis said...

oh, color, not cold. liked cold better. eheh

Anonymous said...

moulinex: yeah, agreed! loving the anoraak remix as well!


thanks for all Aleks !


Xinobi said...

Top work as discodust is getting us used too!

What about a Discodust Label?

Anonymous said...

The russ chimes remix is incrediable as is anoraaks would love to see more from them.:)made my morning

Bryan said...

all three of those mixes were fucking amazing. Great find.

ev said...

I cant find where to buy any or College or Anoraak or the others music? do you know where I can find their albums to buy? and Lifelike is only on the UK iTunes site and im in the US. please help

Bubbles said...

I haven't had much of a chance to explore the anoraaks remix. but the russ chimes rmx is very solid, and the origional is really stellar as well

seandonson said...

They're all great tracks! Go Valerie boys!

Asher Diamonds said...

I love these, amazing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Russ Chimes remix completely destroys the original. 'College' needs to keep working around in the lab.

Anonymous said...

i like the russ chimes one best too but there wouldn't be much to remix for russ if it wasn't for the great original. different approaches anyway.

Corby Tender said...

All of them, awesome! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Original by COLLEGE is a hit, keep it rough, act like you know.

Anonymous said...

sounds like "Follow me" remix by you know who. a little too much like you know who...

discodust said...

anonymous: whine, whine. when lifelike himself has love for these guys, why wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

awesome!! was looking all over for college tracks.. thanks!

DJ Robzilla said...

that is on awsome some

Anonymous said...

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