Monday, August 20, 2007

felix cartal + moving units.

after a little break we are back again with full force which means here is a brand new remix by no one else but felix cartal. although i've had this track for quite a while, i didn't know it was safe to blog until i saw it over at my friends from bigstereo.

felix cartal turned "crash'n'burn victims" by moving units into a raging monster of a track that totally destroys everything and everyone on the dancefloor. i love how he always goes a step further and makes it even harder when you thought it just couldn't be done any more.

moving units - crash'n'burn victims (felix cartal remix)

moving units are about to release their new album 'hexes for exes' in early october. felix cartal himself has tons of new stuff coming up, check a teaser of his new track 'ultra magnetic' on his myspace. and so do we, stay tuned for some hot exclusives in the very near future!


yakisooh said...

i fucking love moving units, this is a really good track. good shit!

Anonymous said...

yah not your best work man

Anonymous said...

Muchhh prefer Cartal's originals to his mixes, this track don't strike anything in me.

Anonymous said...

sincere condolences.

Ali said...

Felix Cartal does good job on this mix, but I still
prefer the original.

Anyway you've got a superb blog, La Cassette loves it.

Ali from J'ai la Cassette à la Maison.

Herr Schmitz said...

moving units, young old heroes somehow, at least for me.
and cartal is banging as always. effectdisco i'd say. gotta hate it or love it. but absolutely worth mentioning.

Benedikt said...

Hee are 3 tracks from the forthcoming album of Moving Units:

Greetings from the last pop song!

Disco Punxx said...

this song is so fucking good!!