Thursday, August 23, 2007

tronik youth.

neil parnell aka tronik youth from london, uk has been making quite some noise around the blogs recently, mainly because he has already scored official remixes for well-established acts like franz & shape, goose, gossip and the rakes.

on october 1st, back yard recordings will release the first tronik youth single. 'we are' is a driving electro track with roots in deep italo, complete with vocoders and screeching rave signals and definitely one of the most anticipated releases in a while for me. the single comes with remixes by punks jump up, franz & shape and dolby-anol. you can check out the original and one of the remixes right here, make sure to show tronik youth some myspace love and grab a copy of the single when it drops!

tronik youth - we are
(zshare backup link)

tronik youth - we are (franz & shape remix)
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and as usual, discodust tries to bring you a little bit more, so here are two of the most recent tronik youth remixes, one for the upcoming chromeo single and one for songwriter yoav due out in a month on island.

chromeo - bonafied lovin' (tronik youth remix)
(zshare backup link)

yoav - beautiful lie (tronik youth remix)
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Unknown said...

Tronik Youth Rulezzz !!! and disco dust is an awesome blogspot keep posting nice music...

Grettings from MX & TSR™ !

Russ Chimes said...

'We Are' kills it. Great stuff!

Herr Schmitz said...

spielen dieses wochenende in meinem lieblingsklub. ├╝berraschanderweise.

Herr Schmitz said...

it's been banging. meine fresse.

Anonymous said...

This is rad stuff! On the subject of Chromeo...

Here is my remix of Chromeo's 100%.
It is filter house style... dancefloor ready.

The great thing is that I sent Chromeo the remix, and they really liked it!
"Shit is hot!
thanks homie..."

So here is the remix. Play it out, share it, blog it.


-Mercurius FM

Unknown said...

Correct link for this track: tronik youth - we are (franz & shape remix) - remove tag BR

macky-paige said...

you guys should also check out The Whip! I bet you'll love listening to them too!!!!