Tuesday, October 23, 2007

felix cartal + britney spears.

as if britney spears wasn't down on the ground already, discodust favorite felix cartal decided to finish her off and totally destroy her track 'outrageous'. it has been a while since i have been excited about any electro bangers because everything out there just sounds the same and hardly anyone really seems to have their own style but felix cartal always leaves me stunned and just like all his tracks, this is brute force and will cause riots on the dancefloor. enjoy another discodust exclusive first:

britney spears - outrageous (felix cartal remix)
zshare backup link

while felix cartal has currently got more remixes in the works that you might hear on his myspace soon, britney got new lips, sexy moves, lost her kids and is currently preparing more drama.

and in related news, if you didn't get it from my friends over at discobelle already, definitely check out this remix of britney's current single 'gimme more' by eli escobar of hollertronix fame, featuring the hottest female rapper alive: amanda blank.

britney - gimme more (eli/grayson mix feat. amanda blank) on yousendit
britney - gimme more (eli/grayson mix feat. amanda blank) on zshare

for more from eli escobar and a lot of fresh jams, head over to his excellent blog outside broadcast.


Anonymous said...


You might dig my
megamix...check it here:

Anonymous said...

fuckin' sickR then Britney herself after a classic Sunday night heroin and coke binge.

props for posting this from the kids @


Flufftronix! said...

damn.. amanda blank never not killin it