Sunday, October 28, 2007


back in august we had a feature about college from the valerie collective which was really well received, so it is about time for some more information on this very promising clique of talented artists.

besides the melancholic and very eighties vibe of college, there are minitel rose who have got a really driving french sound and are an actual band, the outrunners whose tracks could be the definition of perfect french house with (italo) disco roots and the latest addition to the valerie camp is maethelvin who reminds me of kavinsky, not just for being into fast cars but also because his music is heavily based on fm synthesis as well. find out what suits you best but i bet you will like all of these tracks:

minitel rose - valerie côte ouest
the outrunners - cool feeling
maethelvin - lost in big city
college - can you kiss me first

if you are somewhere near nantes, france, make sure to go to the valerie party at le lieu unique on november 10th featuring all the acts mentioned above plus fellow team member anoraak as well as special guest and discodust darling russ chimes. i wish i could be there!

for more check out the valerie blog. for more on minitel rose head over to my friends at knicken.


Anonymous said...

awesome awesome awesome

Anonymous said...

Quelle délicieuse idée que de reprendre le générique de Côte Ouest.

billy white said...

What a Sunday!

Dave said...

Beat me again....

Herr Schmitz said...

valerie is actually takin it directly to what i want music to sound like. love it. and thanks for the linkage, alkes. ;)

Luis said...

about time!!!

Anonymous said...

minitel rose and valerie crew are the next french invasion!!!!!

Unknown said...

valerie luv <3

Anonymous said...

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