Thursday, October 04, 2007


after a much too long break, it feels so good to be back with moulinex - two talented producers from portugal (while one of them currently resides in munich, germany). although their tracks are always as energetic as current rave bangers, their love for classic french house remains obvious and the whole moulinex sound is always deeply rooted in disco with influences ranging from giorgio moroder over daft punk to jackson.

up right here for you are their two latest productions. while 'leisure suit' is a real uplifting disco house tune complete with horns and spacey chords, 'break chops' starts off with cut-up guitar samples and ends up with driving growling synths aiming straight for the floor. you seriously don't want to miss either of them, so get them immediately:

moulinex - leisure suit
moulinex - break chops

also up for you is a brandnew mixtape from moulinex featuring a lot of artists previously introduced on discodust, including the bloody beetroots, miami horror, cryptonites, gingy, russ chimes and college, so this is kind of a tribute to discodust and if you enjoy this blog, i guarantee you will love this mix:

moulinex - libere la femme vol. ii mixtape

find the track list in the comments section and go and add moulinex on myspace now already! thanks for your patience, everyone and watch out for much more real soon!


discodust said...

01. miami horror - don't be on with her
02. egyptian lover - my beat goes boom
03. russ chimes - push the feeling on (russ chimes remix)
04. bumblebeez - dr love (a-trak remix)
05. ben mono - hit the bit (rhode remix)
06. afrika bambaata - funky heroes
07. xinobi - bmx
08. yo majesty - club action
09. moulinex - breakchops
10. daft punk - high life (moulinex edit)
11. cryptonites - hands of god (fingers of moulinex remix)
12. tepr - minuit jacuzzi (data remix)
13. justice - phantom pt. ii (boys noize remix)
14. moulinex - leisure suit
15. gingy - rios for mvp
16. timbaland - miscommunication (the bloody beetroots remix)
17. le knight club - soul bells (edit)
18. lifelike - so electric
19. michael cassette - zeppelin
20. the outrunners - blazing speed and neon lights with you
21. college - teenage color (anoraak remix)
22. maetheelvin - lost in big city
23. sebastian tellier - la ritournelle

DG said...

sweeeeeet... I love these guys, keep it comin!

disaster said...

glad to see you guys posting again! this is excellent!

gustavo beça said...



These guys are TOP TOP TOP!!:)

brian savage said...

wow this is BIG SHIT! awesome moulinex! everything you do is thee shit.

Xinobi said...


touchpad said...

Gingy for president

zntn said...

greeeat! :)

Anonymous said...

we had him riding our

book him!

Anonymous said...

uaaaaa thats disco_I luv it_THX U guys for the blog
greetings Missy Saishin


We love MOULINEXXX!!! ;)

Sexy Salami said...

get on with it!!!!!!!!!!

frank said...

what do you guys see in Moulinex? sprinkling some inharmonicity between some overly structured electro pop doesn't get you to jackson territory at all. dogmatism sucks, but there are no new sounds here and its not even bitten very well. sorry to say, but this seems like a step back to late 90s bubble gum crap. nothing wrong with stepping back, but moulinex is stepping somewhere awful.

aleks discodust said...

frank, what i see is the whole crowd dancing to 'break chops' when it finally drops from 2:03 on and no one wasting a single thought on electro pop, 90s and stepping back.

Johann said...

yes, frank, what we really need is yet another band trying to get into Jackson territory.

Xinobi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Xinobi said...

I honestly don't see how can some say this is not well bitten. I'm sure that for me is very easy to say "this guys are good" cause they are my friends, but I'm very honest in my opinions too.

And I really think this is very fresh and well done. Well, it can be not as fresh to "blog diggin people" as it can be to people who don't spend a lot of time searching for new tunes, but It really don't sounds that much 90's at all... Unless you we're diggin the 80's and the 00's on your 90's summers vacation.

Any way, I think this is pretty tight and a pleasant listen. And honestly Frank, your comment sounds very "oh my god, this song is so last week"...

frank said...

dudes its just not my bag. eg. i found break chops a tad predictable. jackson can be referenced using those jagged timbres, but the one key part of jackson that i find remarkable and in very few others is its crazy unpredictability. I've listened to 'rock on' like 4000 times and I'm still surprised by it. moulinex flows too neatly.

and dude, crowds are easy to move. i've seen bloody psytrance move crowds. people say something is a 'crowd pleaser' as an insult for a reason.

also, my dislike has nothing to do with 'oh this is so last week'. moulinex is completely now and even 6 months future and i reckon a lotttt of ppl will be receptive to this for sure. its just not my cup of tea. all i hear is daft punk without the epic depth.

aleks discodust said...

frank: just fair. personally i am not a great fan of jacksons stuff, i don't think it is very accessible and i am tired of spending time on 'getting into music'.

also i don't get why 'crowd pleaser' would be considered an insult, but maybe i am just too over the phase where i thought i had to be an indie snob who is afraid of (pop) music that mainly does one thing: work.

(and anyway, why bother arguing about something that just doesn't appeal to you at all?)

Hbk said...

amazing post. I can't get enough Moulinex!

frank said...

fair call dude. if music takes effort its not doing its job. and its not worth dissing what you don't enjoy. also, i like 'salt'. only thing is that there's pop and there's pop. there's a million unknowns and theres Madonna. doing pop is very hard slog and I'm all for it if you can pull it off. and if you think moulinex doesn't need a few more slices of epic, fine.

respectfully, a piece of advice. when someone is good, everyone around it at the beginning goes 'WOW, these guys are going to get a mercury!'. being good is the most difficult hurdle to being great because its so easy to lose ones objectivity, get 'caught up' and rest on a prematurely developed signature. sycophants have always been the biggest danger to emerging talent. the antidote is remembering that good is actually shit and pop without 'epic' is gone in six months. but hey, I don't know anything about this business so you should probably just condescend.

Bubbles said...

Leisure suit just dropped and I fell out of the chair.

Bubbles said...

I haven't heard a house track with the sort of energy that Liesure suit does in a long time.

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Anonymous said...

This stuff is HUGE!!! omg CRAZY

Anonymous said...

awesome mix!!! very cool use of sounds!

whats that song that they play at the 3 min mark?? its beautiful!!!!

its a mix of nightcrawlers- push the feeling on

does anyone know????