Friday, October 05, 2007

steed lord.

the incredible steed lord should need no introduction. but just in case you have been living under a (crack) rock, here are some keywords for you: iceland, four-piece, neon, eurocrunk, crazyness, crookers remix, klever remix, excellence.

their 'da dirty mutha ep' is coming up in a few weeks and the album is scheduled for february and steed lord are so slick that they hooked us up with two fresh unreleased tracks. 'bucket of blood' will see a release on the ep, features icelandic hardcore punk pioneer krummi from minus and is an addictive banger destined to fill dancefloors all over the world, bringing some badly needed refreshment to the whole dance punk movement:

steed lord - bucket of blood (featuring krummi)

next up is one of the few instrumental joints off the steed lord album, 'feel the heat' literally makes you feel the heat with its retro synthesizers, banging drums and those roaring guitars are taking you straight to new crack city - "pure discocaine crack heat for your sports car stereo or your mansion's shiny dancefloor" as m.e.g.a. said and i couldn't describe it any better.

steed lord - feel the heat

last one for now is a remix of 'dirty mutha' by dj mehdi from ed banger records which has previously been posted by my friends over at discobelle, steed lord met him in iceland and he obviously had so much fun remixing the track, just listen for yourself:

steed lord - dirty mutha (dj mehdi remix)

watch out for the 'da dirty mutha ep' and the album coming soon from steed lord and hopefully more from them on discodust very soon!

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Anonymous said...

STEED LORD is amazing ! I really love their music. YOU is the best track they did ! Thanks