Friday, January 18, 2008

hot chip - made in the dark.

i am sure all of you can't wait for the new album from hot chip either, one of the greatest indie bands that never lose their connection the clubs. their full-length 'made in the dark' is coming up on astralwerks and dfa on february 5th.

so i am glad this just made it to my inbox, along with the permission to post it: here is the title track 'made in the dark' without any annoying voiceovers - a real mellow slow-motion ballad and even if this is not aiming straight for the floor, i bet you will love it and it will make you want to buy the hot chip album even more! get it right here, another first on discodust:

hot chip - made in the dark


Anonymous said...

excellent post.i should really register i comment all the time:P.thanks for this

Johan said...

hey, check out my newly launched blog with so far exclusives from fckn crew, and much more to come.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I think this song sucks :(
But that's alright, just my opinion.
It made me ignore their songs for a while now. Just not the normal style of music you expect on this blog.
Don't get me wrong I usually enjoy the songs here. Just also wanted to say I didn't like a song once. Normally I do the opposite :)

Anonymous said...

The song is availabe for download if you participate in a short survey @ Hot Chips's MySpace too :)

Ed said...

I love this and cannot wait for the album to come out!

Ed, 17 Seconds

Anonymous said...

I got a sneek peek at the album, and it's nothing short of fantastic!!

OrangeRocks said...

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Jeff Ramos said...

wow. i had that shirt on the left in 8th grade. i wore it for my yearbook picture! I'm 23 years old now, so you can get an idea of how old that is.

Anonymous said...

I saw Hot Chip in Chicago last night. Best show I have ever seen. I higly reccommend everyone sees these guys live.