Monday, January 14, 2008

russ chimes + pony pony run run.

discodust favorite russ chimes is finally back with an excellent new remix, this time for pony pony run run from france. if you are a great admirer of russ chimes like me, you will probably notice that this remix is a bit more banging than his previous releases, coming complete with a driving distorted guitar bass line and chopped up vocals while he is of course still keeping his playful retro disco vibe. get the track right here:

pony pony run run - star survivor (russ chimes' drive to survive remix)

in other news, discodust will be back at full force soon, better than ever!


John Top of the World said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

russ chimes is king! what a great fucking producer.

great post and welcome back!


Anonymous said...

thank god your back and anything from russ is gold!

Anonymous said...

what they said... ;D

Dan Solberg said...

thanks discodust! really digging russ chimes lately

posн said...

well i love this page
what else can i say?!

greetings from mexico


fantastic come back ! with russ it's always magic ...

Anonymous said...

Thx god you're back!
Love Your Blog!

Dave said...

neat beats of course, but Pony Pony Run Run? I think we've officially run out of good band names.

Anonymous said...

Been absolutely hanging for some more of Russ' magic and totally worth the wait as expected! Great stuff!

Thanks for the top post and it's great to see you back!

Spencer Dee said...

what another stellar chimes effort

the man is tops

Anonymous said...

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