Wednesday, February 13, 2008

little boots.

a new disco queen is born. a few days ago our friends over at bigstereo had a post on little boots, featuring one of the best tracks i have heard so far this year (and there is no doubt it will remain one of the best in 2008). hardly anything was known about the band but it turned out it is victoria, the ex-lead singer of dead disco and her first track 'stuck on repeat' - the name couldn't be more suitable - was produced by no one else but joe goddard of hot chip.

the tune is a massive disco slammer, ranging somewhere in between roisin murphy, glass candy and the sound of dfa. unfortunately the mp3 previously floating around was of low-quality, so i decided to get busy and get myself a high-quality copy and to my surprise, along with it came the permission to put it up on the blog. little boots have an album in the works and 'stuck on repeat' is out on white label in about four weeks, but go ahead and check it out here right now:

little boots - stuck on repeat (320 kbps)

i am really curious what will happen next for little boots. (and this is about the first time i am thinking that 2008 will be really exciting, music-wise!)


Anonymous said...

Hmm not bad. But one of the best tracks 2008? Not enough power for that, just my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

oh well. one day, in a better world, there will be anonymous commenters who agree with me!

Anonymous said...

actually, guess the world has just become better: i totally agree with you! love this song!


black Sunshine said...

i like it a lot . . . it definitely takes till the latter part of the song to really kick off, though.

best of 2008? it's way too early to be slingin' hype! :-)

-black Sunshine

Anonymous said...

as if there's a right time for hype!

Anonymous said...

i always liked dead disco and victoria is a hunny.

Anonymous said...

this track is heavy! AND Victoria is the hotness

I second aleks opinion

good looks all round

Anonymous said...

love love love love this. so nice

Anonymous said...

Yes yes - this IS hotness! Somewhere between Giorgio Moroder meets Kylie meets Goldfrapp. If you wanna listen to my chat with Victoria on my radio show, it streams here:
(Scroll down inside the player for it)...I was thrilled to world-premier this track! :)

Anonymous said...

this is heaven! great track!
matt / ekleroshock