Friday, March 14, 2008

the bell remixed.

the bell are an indie pop/rock band from sweden signed on badman recording and they've got some damn catchy songs up their sleeves. their latest track 'i am history' just got the remix treatment from australian demolition man whitenoise and uk electro house glitch duo joe and will ask?. both reworks will work perfectly on the floor when dropped at the right time, so check them out:

the bell - i am history (whitenoise remix)
the bell - i am history (joe and will ask? remix)

and if you don't want to miss out, listen to the great original as well:

the bell - i am history

show the bell, joe and will ask? and whitenoise some myspace love and watch out for a dedicated feature of joe and will ask? on discodust real soon!


Anonymous said...

fucking wicked

Anonymous said...

amazing! joe and will ask are soooo good!