Sunday, March 16, 2008

the bloody beetroots + crookers.

once again i am a bit late on this but no one should miss these, so here are two new killer productions by discodust favorites the bloody beetroots (who are finally officially signed to dim mak now) and crookers.

enjoy the bloody beetroots' take on an absolute all-time classic by rondò veneziano called 'we are from venice (la serenissima)' and "day'n'nite" by rap saviour kid cudi remixed by crookers, provided by fool's gold. both tracks are hosted on, so i will play nice and just point you to their download pages.

the bloody beetroots - we are from venice (la serenissima) on
kid cudi - day'n'nite (crookers remix) on


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the links.

The reason why we ask people not to rehost our tracks is because we pay our artists and labels based on how much traffic they generate. If people rehost they're basically reducing the amount of money the artists get paid.

And you don't have to worry about the files going down, we have plenty of bandwidth.

aleks said...

hey peter, that was fast! i see your point now.

but you could still offer a direct link to the tracks, so 'we' could link to that instead. wouldn't be a problem to count the traffic anyway, technically. (being a webdev, i know that.)

best of luck for your site!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be able to do that, but unfortunately we need people to actually visit the site -- and load up our banners and widgets -- in order to generate the ad revenue we use to pay artists and labels.

The alternative to this would be to actually put audio ads in the tracks themselves, and we thought that would be a really terrible solution. I don't think any band would want a ten-second commercial at the beginning of their song.

That said, I'm definitely open to new ideas about how to generate ad revenue and make it easier for people to enjoy our music.

aleks said...

peter: touché. fully understood now.

sorry for the partly negative vibe in the post, i might change it a bit later.

Anonymous said...

It's all good, I'm just happy we had some music you found worth linking to. And seriously, please email me if you have any feedback or criticism of the site. My email is peter AT rcrdlbl dot com.

Spectrum said...

civilized discussions, many people should learn from you ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey man!

I really enjoy your blog. very nice work. One of the best out there to be honest with you. This blog is my vision to what I want my blog to be in the future.

Thanks. Keep it up.

Benny (

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to put this out there to any fans of the Bloody Beetroots i just caught them in show last week in L.A. and lets just say they do not dissapoint!

Anonymous said...

morten in die küche bitte - vati hat gekocht.
vorher bitte am briefkasten gibt post.