Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ben mono + yo majesty.

luis from moulinex recommended his good friend producer, remixer and in demand dj ben mono from munich to me and damn, i am glad i have found him! while most of the german producers spent the last couple of years to try hard to breathe life into the dying minimal monster again (eww, you necrophiliacs! what's the superlative of 'so last summer' again?), ben mono is always reaching out for new sounds, labelling his own style 'bit-hop' which is somewhere in between hip hop and electro, just like hip house (for the elders among us), ghettotech, grime or the recently reborn (cough) 'new rave' (cough) culture.

the people over at legendary german label compost records (look at their discography!) were kind enough to let us share the lorenz rhode remix of 'hit the bit', the title track of the recent ben mono album, also featuring miami bass queens and hipster favorites yo majesty keeping it regal. starting off with an old school electro beat and king, well, queen style raps this quickly evolves into the best remix alan braxe never made - a bouncing floorfiller full of wonderful chords along with a funky bassline and enriched with playful retro synth-solos.

don't miss this and go pick up one of the nicest tunes so far this year right here:

ben mono & yo majesty - hit the bit (lorenz rhode remix)

buy the whole release on beatport now (also featuring remixes by the loose cannons as well as dibaba) and make sure to show ben mono, lorenz rhode and compost records some myspace love! stay tuned for more!


Jeremy Blake said...

Minimal ain't dead. I am sad you would say such a thing.


Anonymous said...

Death is subjective, like in: "minimal is dead to me".

aleks said...

yeah, let's have a discussion about minimal!


Anonymous said...

would be a good tune if you took out the ridiculous rap....ruins it

Spencer Dee said...
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Spencer Dee said...
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Spencer Dee said...

The minimal jab was in good fun. Don' t get your panties in a knot over purism, gentleman. This is a well-produced and fun tune.

I know the music comes first, but I really enjoyed the copy on this post, and in general up here in Discodust. Solid writing with real knowledge and appreciation is what keeps me coming back. Unfortunately, this is far from the norm with most blogs focusing on these emerging sounds.


Anonymous said...

I don't like Minimal!

Anonymous said...

some memories from moulinex mixtape Vol 2