Tuesday, March 04, 2008

letter g.

letter g says he's been heavily influenced by 80s and 90s hardcore bands like minor threat, bad religion, sepultura or system of a down. he also claims he's taken some good look at acts like richie hawtin, t.raumschmiere or jeff mills. and he likes skateboarding. got the picture yet? maybe naming the two guys he worked with for his track 'it's gone' gets the view cleared, but maybe even that won't help.

first of all there's kieran hebden aka four tet and second of all alexis taylor from hot chip, both well-respected by producers and fans all over. got the picture now? well, it's somewhere in between all of that. and somehow this monotonic monster makes you wanna hear it on big speakers, right that moment you get dizzy in a club whatever reason for. there once was an album named 'music for collapsing people' by some cheesy chillout-act, not quite fitting but the phrase pretty much sums it up.

anyway here it is in its sheer brilliance, check it out and see for yourselves:

letter g, kieran hebden & alexis taylor - it's gone (julien briffaz 12" mix)

for more information check out the letter g's myspace and show that old character some good old christian passion.

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diggin it!