Tuesday, April 08, 2008

headman + tronik youth.

sorry for idling for a few days. i will just try and pick up the slack today and post everything that has been laying around one by one.

let's start it off with two tracks off the now released new headman single 'catch me if u can'. we have featured him so often before that i will just skip the introduction part and leave you with these two banging remixes by bag raiders and tronik youth. once again, thanks to the friendly people at gomma for making my day.

headman - catch me if u can (bag raiders remix)
headman - catch me if u can (tronik youth remix)

head over to our friends at bigstereo to check out the original and buy the full high-quality release at beatport.

in related news, our friend tronik youth sent over an unreleased version of his dega breaks remix, full of lovely vocoders, don't miss this:

dega breaks - all night (tronik youth vocoder mix)

watch out for more from headman, bag raiders, tronik youth and gomma.

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