Tuesday, April 08, 2008

the millioners remixed.

on with two great remixes for finnish electro/pop/disco house outfit the millioners. thanks to nik over at the always amazing bibabidi and my friend russ chimes for bringing this to my attention who is in fact responsible for one of the remixes. the second remix comes from italian vintage hero rodion who is also signed to gomma, just like so many artists in our recent posts. seems they are everywhere!

both remixes are very disco-inspired while russ chimes keeps his trademark style of lovely chords and very playful vintage synthesizer melodies, rodion is more on the dubbed out space disco side of things. make sure to get them both and pick your own favorite:

the millioners - body into use (russ chimes remix)
the millioners - body into use (rodion casiocore remix)

show the millioners, russ chimes and rodion some myspace love!


Anonymous said...

Nice tracks!!!!!

Anonymous said...

more russ chimes...more more more!!!

trentertainment said...

that russ chimes mix is amazing