Wednesday, April 30, 2008


hostage loves rave. and discodust loves hostage. i won't introduce him for the 25th time on here, hostage has been a discodust favorite for ages, if you don't know him yet, you might want to check the archives. here we go with his latest floorfiller 'snake charmer' where he perfectly combines his trademark old school rave synths and shuffled fidgety grooves:

hostage - snake charmer

also make sure to get 'stab up', another premiere on discodust, a bouncing banger featuring nearly every kind of rave signals and broken beats, which had some massive airplay on radio 1. don't miss:

hostage - stab up

and finally, this has been out for a while but just in case you've missed it so far, here is a malente remix for 'roll on' by hostage. killer.

hostage - roll on (malente remix)

show hostage some myspace love!

(UPDATE: the people over at noise porn want to let you know that 'snake charmer' is an 'exclusive' on their blog (see the comments). then again it was probably not that exclusive as i just downloaded it from alan's myspace for this post but oh well.)


Carnival said...

carnival orlando loves discodust and hostage!

mark said...

swoooooon, that hostage he's so hot...

omar said...

another crazy track from mr. alan de la hostaGe!!
good one huh!
cheers from MexicO !!

Fried Fish said...

Nice 1! Hostage rips it up again!
this is definately getting chucked into a mix. nce one DISCODUST/HOSTAGE


rhys said...

massive tune once again!
hostage you can charm my snake any time...

Peter said...

snake charmer is an unbelievable track, will be playing that one out for a while


woah there guys snakecharmer was sent to me as an exclusive over at so give us some credit yeah?!!

Anonymous said...

they are flying over me
they are saying
eat me eat me eat me eat me

discodust said...

noise porn: well, didn't notice that, pardon. i just got the track off alan's myspace and he sent me 'stab up' as well when i messaged him about it.

no need to freak out.

Anonymous said...

you music bloggers are idiots... always fighting over tracks. for real. get a life.

Anonymous said...

you music bloggers are idiots... always fighting over tracks. for real. get a life.

discodust said...

anonymous: you readers are weird, always coming here for the tracks we're fighting over.

and i've got a life, no worries.


cheers for the mention guys much appreciated - big love from all at Noise Porn

Notsonu said...

Thanks for introducing hostage to me. Immediately went onto junodownload and bought modes to madness. Keep up the excellent work, without you guys I'd never know about all these amazing tracks.

Haus said...

eat my dick noise porn...get off ur h!gh h0rs3

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