Wednesday, April 30, 2008


finally i get around to feature lismore! australian-born penelope and ohio-bred stephen are currently residing in new york and are working on their new album. we have been sending mails back and forth for quite a while now but i have always missed out on actually featuring them on the blog, yeah all right, blame me and my inbox disorder! lismore are touring the states in early to mid may along with ac slater and joee irwin on the "that's right bitches" tour.

click here to see all dates of the "that's right bitches" usa tour
check the comments for a more detailed list including venues

with their new track 'more', a great piece of electro-flavoured synth-pop, lismore make sure to set the floor on fire and keep you longing for 'more'. while you stay tuned for the remixes coming from ac slater and lismore themselves, get the original right here:

lismore - more

and as a bonus, here is another lismore track called 'paradis', remixed by udachi and if that doesn't get your party going, i don't know.

lismore - paradis (udachi remix)

show lismore, ac slater and joee irwin some myspace love and go to their shows!


aleks said...

May 02 Portland, OR - More Better @ Rotture
May 03 Seattle, WA - Confession@ The Chapel
May 04 Olympia, WA - The Brotherhood
May 06 Los Angeles, CA - Dim Mak @ Cinespace
May 06 Los Angeles, CA - Dance @ Arena
May 07 Los Angeles, CA - Club Avenue @ Sevilla
May 08 Los Angeles, CA - The Heist @ Florentine Gardens
May 09 Las Vegas, NV - Restless @ Beauty Bar
May 10 San Francisco, CA - Frisco Disco @ The Transfer
May 11 San Francisco, CA - French Kiss @ Pink

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna dance my face off!!!!!

Group Hug said...

Yeah!! Get the party started!!!!

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