Thursday, April 10, 2008


overthrill are from germany and that's about everything they want you to know. that's fine with me too, less to write and more focus on the music then. they hooked me up with two tunes and i am pretty sure the banger fans will love them.

first is 'revolver', an original tune by overthrill with sebastian or mr. oizo style cut & chop techniques incorporating a lot of futuristic sounds, spacey chords and my favorite thing ever: vocoders! also up is one of their remixes for 'would you' by noah who held a remix competition that overthrill have won. i would expect no less from this monster built with layers of distorted synths and screeching guitars, an epic breakdown and my favorite thing ever: vocoders!

overthrill - revolver
noah - would you (overthrill remix)

show overthrill some much deserved myspace love and expect to hear more from them on discodust in the near future.


Anonymous said...

fak these guys are good.

aleks said...

told you so!

Anonymous said...

i'm not a fact-checker by trade, but i went to noah's myspace and it says that overthrill's remix was the winning one. anywho, awesome find and awesome trax.

aleks said...

anonymous: the post says "also up is one of their remixes for 'would you' by noah who held a remix competition that overthrill have won."

anything wrong with that? as i am not a native speaker, my english might be funny sometimes.

Technofavrik said...

Each version of the remixes were insane! Love this duo!

Noname said...

I can't believe what I'm hearing. How do you even deal with this kind of stuff. I'm getting the biggest musical adrenaline rush ever. Is this really necessary? I think if I was dancing to this I'd just kind of stop and have some sort of crazy time jump into some other universe.

Gawd. I don't know. It's fucking amazing.

Anonymous said...

seems that one of them won some daft punk contest or something. i googled the band members but my german is not that good. if that is the case congs on that guys.
great find