Thursday, April 10, 2008


parallels is back. if you are a regular reader, you remember the post from back then and in case you don't: parallels is the live drummer for crystal castles and i definitely consider him one of the best producers of vintage vibe robot disco tunes these days.

unfortunately i kind of lost contact to him after the post and just saw he has two new tunes and a mix out over at the always refreshing, never forgetting (the 80s) valerie blog and i couldn't help myself but post them here as well. enjoy two new epic space operas by parallels named 'magnetics' and 'dry blood':

parallels - magnetics
parallels - dry blood

i also highly recommend that you check out his 'back to earth' mix that he has done exclusively for valerie featuring a great selection of old and new electro-flavoured disco ranging from stevie nicks and mirage to heartbreak and the revolving eyes. check the comments for the full track list and either get it from my friends or from one of the additonal mirrors i uploaded it to right here:

parallels - back to earth mix for valerie (on mediafire)
parallels - back to earth mix for valerie (on megaupload)

show parallels some myspace love and make sure to always stop by at valerie on your daily music blog round.


aleks said...

Parallels - Back To Earth Mix


ON-OFF - I Wish I Knew How to Quit You
Peppermint Lounge - Perfect High
In Flagranti - Vegetable of the Month
The Hasbeens - Make the World Go Away
Heartbreak - We're Back
Mirage - Just One More Chance (1985)
Parallels - Dry Blood
Sally Shapiro - I Know (SLL Dub Remix)
Professor Genius - Orange Coco
Stevie Nicks - Stand Back
The Revolving Eyes - Light Move
Parallels - Magnetics

Anonymous said...

this guy is really good. no doubt about that

Anonymous said...

been waiting for this.Too goooooood!

Dance, Not Dance said...

can't get over how great this is.

robo80'selectro ftw.