Tuesday, June 03, 2008

cryptonites remixed.

discodust favorites cryptonites recently held a remix competition for their track "can't give you up" and today they dropped the top 5 remixes in my inbox. i was not surprised to find both fantastadon and kill the noise in the highest ranks. both being floorfillers, it's hard to pick which one is better, but i'll just let you decide:

cryptonites - can't give you up (kill the noise remix)
cryptonites - can't give you up (fantastadon remix)

in related news, cryptonites' 'hands of god ep' is finally out, so support one of our favorite acts, buy the ep on itunes or one of the other stores listed on their myspace! and by the way, remember who first brought you cryptonites and an earlier version of 'hands of god' like a year ago? yeah right!


Anonymous said...

i love discodust.... once again.... very thanks!!!eheheh

Anonymous said...

The Kill the Nosie remix is sweet

I hear Prince, actually, Shelia E.

Sweet Post!

Anonymous said...

the sawitzki mix is hot too,not listed here hm..

Anonymous said...

Did you hear the one from the french guy "are you serious" in the top five ? Pure dope.

The kill the noise remix is sick too.