Sunday, June 15, 2008

fantastadon + hot pink delorean.

after we had fantastadon remixing hot pink delorean about two weeks ago, these guys obviously never sleep and now it's the other way round - hot pink delorean get busy on 'anesthesiologist' by fantastadon and it's even more of a banger now:

fantastadon - anesthesiologist (hot pink delorean remix)

and while you might have seen that track on other blogs already, here is a new unreleased track by fantastadon which redefines the term 'heavy bass' and lives up to its name - 'microwave' is the heat:

fantastadon - microwave

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selector x said...

this pleases me.

Bubbles said...

yay! Fantastadon!

Anonymous said...

hell yes..

Anonymous said...

they both rocks, and together the rocks two times

Anonymous said...

Hot Pink Delorean mix is on repeat!