Friday, June 13, 2008

russ chimes + sam sparro.

russ chimes is finally blowing up and making serious progress outside the blogs. he just came back from a successful australian tour and recently finished official remixes for chromeo and australia's freshest sam sparro and is working on some new material in order to drop a first official release this summer.

the russ chimes remix of hit single 'black and gold' by sam sparro has constantly been on repeat since i've first heard it like two months ago. instantly i've been trying to get official permission to post this but out of the three or four record or promo people (all listed on the sam sparro myspace) i've mailed about it, no one seemed to care to reply.

so as my friends over at electrorash just decided to unleash this monster, i thought it's finally time to put it up here as well. let's see if the industry people mind some hype and are faster at sending out takedown notices than replying to free promotion offers. i usually don't do this but this is just too good to remain unheard and think the majors owe us one for introducing them to russ chimes anyway, get it while it's up and become addicted like me - 320 kbps version for you right here:

sam sparro - black and gold (russ chimes remix)

show russ chimes some myspace love and be on the lookout for more from these great artists!

UPDATE: track removed by request from modus vivendi music.


Dan Solberg said...

russ chimes posts on discodust are my favorite kind of blog posts

Anonymous said...

that's one soul filled jam right there.

Anonymous said...

We are running a comp for Australian residents to win a copy of the Sam Sparro "Black and Gold" 12" over at Electrorash too! Spam Spam Eggs and Spam.

Anonymous said...


We appreciate the publicity but ask that you please remove this track.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Modus Vivendi Music.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog, but you should really get permission before you post tracks!!

Anonymous said...

I read your sarcastic words about the majors owing you one anyway. then i read the friendly words from "jason scott". then i shitted in my pants.
on the other hand if jason scott is really someone from the sparro camp and not a fake, then this is really sad. i mean sam sparro is playing all the big festivals in europe in the summer, is in the uk charts with that song - he definitly got paid and doesn´t need any bucks from beatport sales of a russ chimes remix! BUT russ chimes might have gotten a lousy flatfee paycheck for that remix, no gema/ascap/whatever, no sales participation - so the only thing that he might get out of that is some publicity. and now you post HIS remix (and not even the original song) and someone from the sparro camp denies the publicity for russ chimes? thats some scientology shit, innit?

aleks said...

anonymous permission guy: usually i always do. this was an experiment and you saw how it turned out.

anonymous scientology guy: i basically agree but it's 'their' music, so they decide. just fair.

i was temped to try it though, as this is easily my favorite remix by russ chimes ever.

just weird that others do this all the time and get away with it and i do it once and get 'caught in the act'. but i guess that's me!

Anonymous said...

i notice that the track is still available over at

Anonymous said...

soobrosa said...

and didn't publish the lp on vinyl, ah