Friday, June 06, 2008

grum + anoraak.

neither anoraak (pictured above) nor grum should need an introduction to regular readers of discodust and to everyone else, the only fact you need to know for now is that i am a fan of both of them! so, back in february, i had a post up about anoraak featuring his track 'nightdrive with you' and just a day later discodust introduced grum to the world.

in the meantime they obviously got in touch and grum has just sent over an awesome remix of 'nightdrive with you' by anoraak. it's a little bit different to his usual output, not as hard and banging as usual. it starts out with a more mellow classic 'french house' vibe leading to a real beautiful dreamy breakdown halfway into the song and then grum finally busts out (a rather harmless version) one of his signature chainsaw leads. well done! enjoy another discodust premiere:

anoraak - nightdrive with you (grum's new wave remix)

as a bonus, here is another 'nightdrive with you' remix, done by the fabulous adeyhawke (more on him in our archives). and if you still can't get enough, i have also uploaded the two mixes anoraak and grum have done for the no love lost records exclusive mixtape series, must-haves as well!

anoraak - nightdrive with you (adeyhawke remix)

anoraak - exclusive nllr mix (on
grum - exclusive nllr mix (on

check the comments for the tracklists and go add grum, anoraak and adeyhawke on myspace!

UPDATE: adeyhawke remix replaced with a 224 kbps mp3 (used to be 160 kbps).


aleks said...

Anoraak - Exclusive NLLR Mix Tracklist:

01. Boards Of Canada - "Ready Let's Go"
02. Stephen Falken - "Shadow Of The Wind"
03. Anoraak - "Nightdrive With You (Grum Remix)"
04. The Outrunners - "Blazing Speed And Neon Light With You"
05. Parallels - "Ultralight"
06. The Similou - "All This Love"
07. Frisky - "Digitalis"
08. Futurecop! - "Class Of 1984 (Anoraak Remix)"
09. Drownsoda - "Playing With Fire On A Cold Winter's Night"
10. College - "Teenage Color (Anoraak Remix)"
11. Nicolas Malkelberge - "A Clean City"
12. Russ Chimes - "Mulsanne"
13. Tocotronic Vs. Console - "Freiburg V3.0"
14. Relation - "Your Tiny Mind (Lifelike Remix)"
15. Pnau Feat. Ladyhawke - "Embrace"
16. Lo-Fi-Fnk - "End"
17. Adeyhawke - "Adeyhawke Theme"
18. Daft Punk - "Face To Face"
19. Maethelvin - "My Favorite TV Show"
20. Minitel Rose - "Business Woman"
21. Error::Love - "Dangerous Dance"
22. PonyPonyRunRun - "First Date Mullet (Xinobi Remix)"
23. Cut Copy - Lights And Music (Moulinex Remix)"
24. Foals - "Balloons"
25. Boards Of Canada - "Ready Let's Go"

GRUM - Exclusive NLLR Mix Tracklist:

01. GRUM – “Whoah”
02. Sidechains – “Bassnova”
03. DJ DLG – “Paramount (Roger Seventytwo Remix)”
04. Daft Punk – “Voyager (Revolte Remix)”
05. GRUM – “Love Disco”
06. Shazam – “Pool Party”
07. Thomas Bangalter – “Falling In Love”
08. Yelle – “Ce Jeu (Fisk Remix)”
09. Revolte – “Ironical Sexism (GRUM Remix)”
10. Chic – “Le Freak”
11. GRUM – “Mexico”
12. T.E.D.D – “Sneak”
13. Armand van Helden – “You Don’t Know Me (GRUM Remix)”
14. Edwin van Cleef – “The Rise of the Idiots”
15. GRUM – “Go Back”
16. GRUM – “Catch Your Breath”
17. Felix Da Housecat – “Radio (Shinichi Osawa Remix)”
18. GRUM – “Heartbeat”
19. Lifelike – “So Electric”
20. Anoraak – “Nightdrive With You”

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for those songs, thanks a lot ;D

Anonymous said...

The Anoraak mix is fantastic, nice summer jams for sure!

Anonymous said...

anoraak + grum = destruction

Anonymous said...

"07. Thomas Bangalter – “Falling In Love”"

Ridiculous ...

Anonymous said...

GRUM ist einfach der geilste! :D


Anonymous said...

I want that T.E.D.D - Sneak track. It seems like a phantom track to me. No information about it on the net, no myspace page, nothing. Can someone help me out?

seandonson said...

This track is AWESOME! Thanks!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

In fact...

T.E.D.D - Sneak

Anonymous said...

Dope mix - thanks for bringing the goods again Disco Dust!

Check out a new mix from Australia's best Ajax. Plus check out exclusive mixes from Crookers, Cajun and K.I.M. from The Presets on MIXD UPT!

Unknown said...

GRUM strikes again!


very thanks!

DJ Rampage said...

Great Remix by Grum, Cant stop listening to it :)

ryan said...

I'm in love with the Anoraak mix. I can't wait for their EP. And the Grum remix sounds amazing.

Good job.