Wednesday, June 11, 2008

mystery jets remixed.

mystery jets really deserve to be huge this year. after the killing switch remix of their last single 'hideaway', they once again made some perfect choices for the remixes of their new single 'two doors down', having duke dumont and pilooski on the job, both providing killer tunes that are quite different from what you'd expect from them, especially the duke's remix which sounds like it could be a huge ibiza anthem (in the best of all possible ways, that is) and should remain one of my favorite tracks for the whole summer. excellent work, duke dumont! much love to discobelle and fluokids for providing the goods!

mystery jets - two doors down (duke dumont remix)
mystery jets - two doors down (pilooski remix)

go add mystery jets, duke dumont and pilooski on myspace and stay tuned for even less talk and even more music today, i've got quite some catching up to do!


seandonson said...

The Dumont remix is incredible. A way different sound than I was expecting... almost Edward Scissorhandsy.

Anonymous said...

Best thing i've heard this year.

And i've said the same thing about the Switch Remix back then.

Bubbles said...

The Duke Dumont remix is amazing, I picked it up a bit earlier. It has a startling depth to it. The shadows it casts are the perfect house for my bruised and battered soul. Dark, and at the same time uplifting. The Pilooski remix sounds crystal. But, for some reason I can't help feeling that it lacks a certian touch of funk which would really bring it to life. Either way, the blogs been great since your slight period of inactivity.

Unknown said...

Remixing Mistery Jets is a good way to make a good sound. In fact, i prefer Pilooski remix, in opposition with most of you.
As they say in another song,

"You can't fool me Dennis!"

Anonymous said...

check out mystery jets "you can't fool me dennis" rmx doone by justice!
cheers , steff

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Plimsouls one that was on Discobelle a while ago is also great.

Anonymous said...