Monday, June 23, 2008

machines don't care.

just in is another treat from the upcoming album by machines don't care, the supergroup consisting of detboi, drop the lime, fake blood, hervé, trevor loveys, sinden, toddla t and affie yusuf, meaning: basically everyone who is pushing things forward in 'house music' right now. the tracks i've heard so far seem to be heavily influenced by oldschool rave, the best days of uk happy hardcore, jungle and even acid. that's what i really love about fidget house - they just do what they want to.

although 'on a roll man' by hervé, trevor loveys and affie yusuf is only at 128kbps and has some vocal interruptions, it definitely makes me even more keen on the upcoming album. i am even considering buying the actual vinyl (unless someone at the label/agency wants to hook me up with it, hint) as i think this will be an absolute classic. preview 'on a roll man' here:

machines don't care - on a roll man

in case you missed the first mention of machines don't care on discodust, you should grab this as well:

machines don't care - 12 minute mini mix

make sure to pick up the album out on 9th july and head over to for more sneak previews!


Anonymous said...

Do you have the traclklist for the 12min mini mix. Its a sick mix

deusdiabolus said...

I'd pay money for this. It's messed up the way I like it.

aleks said...

anonymous: not sure if there's a tracklist. but it's all tracks from the upcoming album.

Anonymous said...

first track of the mix : "afro jacker"

Anonymous said...

1. Afro Jacker
2. Beat Bang
3. Drop It To The Floor
4. Badman
5. Spycatcher
6. Jugs
7. Trouble On The Dancefloor
8. On A Roll Man
9. Junk
10. How Ya'll Like Me Now
11. Soundboy Massive]RapidShare: Easy Filehosting