Monday, June 16, 2008


rayflash (formerly known as drinking beer cat!) comes all the way from japan and is equipped with his very own trademark style of driving drums, playful distorted synth stabs, lovely chords and some of the best vocoder work i've heard in a long time. i had rayflash on my list for quite a while now (sorry again, ray) and always wanted to wait for the perfect moment to give him maximum exposure on discodust and even though my inbox is currently stuffed with tracks, i just don't want to wait any longer now.

'flash dancer' has got everything to become a huge anthem, it's acid-style bassline showing rayflash's love for old school rave music while the song as a whole kind of reminds me of 'discovery' era daft punk, maybe mainly because the whole song makes me see bright colors and flashing lights as in interstella 5555 - then again the bassline distortion sounds more like 'human after all', so let's just say that rayflash provided the missing link right here. whatever, no more talk needed, this will tear up any dancefloor, so drag and drop this right into your setlists:

rayflash - flash dancer

additionally rayflash hooked me up with a great dj mix featuring a couple of unreleased tracks straight out of his studio, tracklist is in the comments:

rayflash - dj mix 01 (on mediafire)
rayflash - dj mix 01 (on megaupload)

rayflash is looking for a label and remix offers, so feel free to hit him up while you're showing him some love on his myspace. i will keep you posted as japan keeps rising!

UPDATE: rayflash just sent me a slightly remastered version of 'flash dancer', the file has been replaced.


aleks said...

1. Trans Boulogne Express (yuksek mix) - Berdy Nam Nam
2. Kick It (Zingone Mix) - Nina
3. Drama Queen - Tom Deluxx
4. Allthegirls (Tomboy mix) - Siriusmo
5. Hold Me Down (yuksek mix) - Primary 1
6. It Comes - yuksek
7. Lava Lava (Feadz mix) - Boys Noize
8. Smells Like ReroX - Alavi
9. This Is The Hook - BSOD
10. Acid Funkin' - TJR
11. Miaow - Lexy
12. Gimme What You Got (Alex Metric mix) - Black Daniel
13. Fool For Love (Brodinski mix) - Das Pop
14. Fool For Love (SebastAn mix) - Das Pop
15. Glitch feat Jahcoozi (Tepr mix) - Missill
16. Flash Dancer - Rayflash
17. My Head (Para One mix) - Boys Noize
18. Tank Girl (Hystereo mix) - Trashtalk
19. Wet N Wild (Midnight Juggernauts mix) - KIM
20. Where's Dario (D.I.M. mix) - Difuzion Krew
21. Fire (Phonat mix) - The Young Punx
22. Fun Punch - Bag Raiders
23. Cocotte (Boys Noize mix) - Teenage Bad Girl
24. Boogie Star - Chris Kaeser
25. Dangerseekers - Kap10kurt
26. Your Love - Rayflash

Anonymous said...

wow! this is why discodust is my favourite blog

Anonymous said...

He will always be a drinking beer cat in my soul

Anonymous said...

why in god's name would you ever give up the stage name Drinking Beer Cat?

Anonymous said...

This guy just became my favorite along with Shinichi Osawa and Boys Noize. Simply beautiful.

Stephen said...


Electro really has done its part in uniting the music world, hasn't it?

Gosh... now I'm curious to see what else Japan might have up their sleeve. This guy really knows how to craft a breakdown....


T-Atoms said...

Man am I lucky I live in Japan!

I have contacted him on MySpace and he has been HELLA generous with information and guidance as far as production goes!

We have plans to meet if he ever comes down to my city for a show or vice versa!

Anonymous said...

the power of blogging. it's a sweet story. (sob).

Anonymous said...

Hi discodust! Great job! Comme and see my new blog:
sorry it's in french


love the dudes specs.

check out my blog

Anonymous said...

I think Japan is the next big scene to come after France. Watch for some Japans act to start blowing up big time like Justice did.

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