Wednesday, June 11, 2008

sparks + jbag.

the legendary pop/rock music shaping sparks get the remix treatment by jbag (jerry bouthier of former boombox fame and his studio partner andrea gorgerino) who turn 'good morning' into a straight banger that has already received massive support from the likes of soulwax, gildas & masaya from kitsuné, lifelike and bang gang djs. enjoy it in 320 kbps, first on discodust:

sparks - good morning (jbag remix)

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Anonymous said...

This is one of the worst things I have heard in a long time.

This blog used to be the shit, now it's just shit.

aleks said...

well dude, too bad you don't agree with me and err, basically every major dj around.

good luck finding a worthy replacement :).

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! Every major DJ around?! Give me a break!!

aleks said...

sigh. all right, here is some more of the feedback on the track:

"Having already remixed the likes of S-Express, Kylie and Rex The Dog, Jerry & Andrea have hijacked Sparks' new single and have given it the full JBAG workout. A big, glam, electro re-rub with Russell's trademark camp fallsetto sprinkled atop a deliciously dirty, grinding synth attack. Already proving a hit with original Sparks fans at the warm up to their 'Kimono My House' show in Islington Academy when Jerry recently opened for the band.
Terry Grego / Republic Media, London

“it’s great! thank you”
2 Many DJs / Soulwax (Ghent)

‘wow, cool, you’ve really gone for it’
Gildas & Masaya /Kitsuné (Paris)

“Love it! Nice one Mr Bouthier!”
Mark Moore / S-Express (London)

“sounds great! will play it for sure”
Headman / Relish (Berlin)

“It's Nice sound!!!”
Shinichi Osawa (Tokyo)

“Merci Jerry. Will Play it tonight”
Mo Glimmers (Ghent)

“well done for the remix of Sparks!
In my next TRAX magazine playlist for sure;
I'll push it during our Space residency in Ibiza this summer.”
Pedro Winter / Ed Banger (Paris)

“thanks for this… it's dope. played it out last night. Thanks”
Jaime / Bang Gang DJs (Australia)

“Really cool, i like the dirty sound and the drums are kickin, fantastic remix!”
Lifelike (France)

"I love Sparks. I love JBAG. I love this."
The Young Punx (London)

“awesome, I will play and big support”
Azzido da Bass (Germany)

“this is really awesome jerry...full support...thanks man!”
Streetlife DJs (Kitsuné, UK)

“It's amazing. Well done”
Tronik Youth (London)

“Killer!!! Merci”
Tom Deluxx (France)

“very cooooool... like it.. and willl play it )))))”
Markus Lange (Berlin)

“Nice sound Jerry! full support! Will play it in club & radioshow.”
Fat Phaze (Paris)

“Buon Giorno Jerry, sounds fantastisch! Great Production on the Vocals...that Delay is divine!
Kap10Kurt (NYC)

‘Philippe Cohen-Solal / Gotan Project (Paris)

“great to see you with sparks: congratulations on all the success;-)
fancy a Skrufff story: can i email you a few questions?”
Jonty Skrufff (London/Berlin)

“mortel jerry”
Etienne Daho (Paris)

“this is fantastic! I’ll be playing this for sure this weekend!”
Ian Robinson (Trailer Trash, London)

“The new single by Sparks!!! Well done sir ;o)”
Nico De Ceglia (Radio 1, London)

“MORTEL. merci Jerry !”
Marie Branellec / Colette (Paris)

Javier Estalella (Razzmatazz, Barcelona)

“WOW!!! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! Hugs & kisses”
Dexter (resident Lux, Lisbon)

KArOshI BroS (UK)

“I like it! tight snare and good production. I will play!”
Masaki Iijima (Le Baron, Tokyo)

“really fucking rockin' there, best one yet! thanks for the link, much appreciated.”

“This is great stuff. That Baltimore beat breakdown is killer. Nice work”
Blah Blah Blah DJs (Brighton)

“Nice work man. Will give it a spin :)”
Tom Real (London)

“Thanks a lot for sending us this fabulous remix you guys made. Will so play it at the Hovefestival when we're having a nite there.”
Matt & Wenchs (Upopulær!, Oslo)

“Decalicious: yeah, we like it. 8/10”
Hagen Füsslein (Delicious Garden, Germany)"

aleks said...

as opposed to

"This is one of the worst things I have heard in a long time."
Anonymous Fag (Teh Internets)

hmm. i'd say you lose.

Anonymous said...

That's it, defend your crappy blog and it's poor excuse for music!

You're sorry excuse of record-label feedback catchphrases fails to convince my ears that this is bollocks!

Anonymous said...

Despite his rude comments I'm going to have to agree with the other anonymous, this really isn't Jbag's best work.

Keep up the good work though.

L. said...

A fight!
Go Discodust, Go!

aleks said...

anonymous: haha. dude, i never wanted to convince you. just wanted to let you know that you obviously don't know shit.

and there's no need to 'defend' my blog, i just like to argue.

and at some point, you seemed to like what i am doing here, otherwise you wouldn't tell me my blog used to be the shit.

i would love to give you some respect as well, so let me know when you've ever done something more impressive than leaving anonymous comments. i'll wait patiently.

(in fact, i'll probably forget about you as soon as i hit 'publish' but hey, i guess you're used to it.)

Anonymous said...

Nice beat but the vocal is kind of horrible.
(whats ups with that guys hitler stache)

in regards to the first comment...

here is an idea if you thinks this blog is just shit go check the 10million other blogs out there. instead of messaging your ego.

i don't like everything posted here...but for the most part i enjoy the over all selection.

keep it up discodust!
from the midwest

aleks said...

well, i see sparks are not everyone's favorite artists. haha.

oh well.

Anonymous said...

i thought the tune was pretty your blog.always will.<3<3

Anonymous said...

it´s aiight. i´m gonna have to try it on a crowd.
anyways, discodust is one of the greatest blogs around.

peace from
e., frankfurt

Anonymous said...

this tune is gonna kill floors

so sickk

Anonymous said...

after first listen i didnt really like this song, but i must admit its growing on me!!!

Unknown said...

Nice work, Discodust. As it always have been. Besides Combo and Moulinex, did you find another portuguese tunes?

Anonymous said...

well said discodust!sparks is the koolest band on earth!!!jbag remix is just fantastic!

dieWs said...

WHAT? Are this people kidding me?


I have never heard a lot of Sparks remixes, especially from the new album, but this one's getting me dancing through the day. Nevermind the anonymous fuckers, Sparks' the shit and that's it.

Kudos discodust!


ps: what's up wth people critizising Russel's voice? he's awesome!

Kadeejah Streets said...

DiscoDust FTW

Anonymous said...

It's a good remix. I like the this and the original mix Russ's vocal style does unfortunately fuck it up tho and probably put a lot of people off it. Can u change his voice make him sound nicer?

Anonymous said...

Actually, this is uncompromisingly great!

Love it ...

safetyscissors said...

the original is great but this remix is absolute garbage.