Wednesday, July 16, 2008

city reverb + trevor loveys.

one of my current favorite remixers, trevor loveys, got busy on the second single 'city of lights' from city reverb's upcoming album 'lost city folk'. it's a bit of a blend of his trademark fidget style and some laidback chilled out vibes that you would probably rather expect from röyksopp. there has been quite some talk about this on the blogs already and you can enjoy it here first. low quality only unfortunately but as it won't be released until september 8th, that's the best version around right now. enjoy:

city reverb - city of lights (trevor loveys vocal mix)

in related trevor loveys news, our friends over at discobelle just dropped his outstanding remix for evil nine today. i sent about three mails to marine parade about this as soon as i heard the remix a few weeks ago, asking for permission, but obviously they only had time to send it to others! whatever, this remix fucking kills, one of my favorite tracks in the past weeks. enjoy it in 192 kbps and go buy the 320 as soon as you can:

evil nine - they live (trevor loveys remix)

stay tuned for more later today and keep an eye on the city reverb myspace as some more remixes are said to pop up there for free download real soon!


Anonymous said...

aleks, you've been posting like a madman. thx!! have u heard of passion pit?

pablo said...

ace!! i posted a preview of this but now people have the full thing yay!



aleks said...

lindsay: yeah and i wanted to post about them last week already. argh. i need 48 hours days!

thanks for the love, guys!

Anonymous said...

dude, cool, i think passion pit is going to own 2009 once people get a taste. check out how money chicago is -

3 days long, $75, cannot touch this!!

can't wait!!!!